About Us

Welcome to the virtual page of our cattery!


Zoloto Kavkaza *RU-ARV is the registered name of our cattery in WCF system. It means Golden Caucasus. Caucasus is the a region, where we lived in Russia before Moscow. It is the South of Russia where Caucasus mountains located.

Goldenstar is the nickname in the social media, the IG account name.

Our cattery works with British and Scottish breeds at this moment. Our family in breeding since 1999.

British shorthair and longhair cats are in precious rare colors - golden, silver, chocolate golden, lilac golden.

Scottish cats are in classic tabby colors - blotched, spotted, tiger, which are very rare in this breed now.

All our cats are raised in great love and care, they live together with us and our children. Our cats are our family. We can’t imagine our life without them, because this is the deal of all our life. We try to give them only the best - love, care, right food, veterinary control. We want to give them the best comfortable life which we can.

All our cats are tested on the genetic and main viral diseases.

The main goal of our cattery is the desire to improve the quality of the breed, raise social kittens with excellent good character and achieve perfection in every cat.

We have made our site as comfortable and convenient as possible for you. Here you can find detailed information about our studs, available kittens, see photos of our graduates and previous litters of kittens.

We really hope you will contact us for a kitten that will make your life happy for many-many years.